Latest releases - 22/09/2017

In addition to the introduction of TV and Radio, we have introduced some additional improvements on The most important changes are as follows.
Multi-platform alerts
You may now create alerts that span all types of media (print, digital, blogs, tv and radio).
Supplementary TV/Radio alerts
Puntonews alerts for print media, online media and blogs will now include additional results for TV and Radio.
Menu re-design
The filter menu has been relocated to a more visible and convenient position a the top of the search results page.
Notification of Previous Purchases
Puntonews now clearly differentiates any search results that have already been purchased.
Notification of Previous Purchases
We have added a new digital PDF format, a "screen capture" option that eliminates the majority of advertisements and pop-ups.
Case sensitive searches
You may now choose to make your searches case sensitive by selecting the option in the "Advanced search" area.