Puntonews - Buscador de noticias

Who we are

Puntonews was founded by individuals from the communications and high technology industries. Our team, which resides on four continents, provides the industry´s most effective focused information platforms for public relations professionals and the general public.
The Puntonews platform provides near real-time search access to print, digital, blogs, and social media sources around the world. With our print search, we have the first and only real-time "clip" search engine in the business. Our digital search engine allows you to search online results in a way that is much more precise than that of Google News- get the results you want, when you want, rather than some of the results you want mixed with of dated news. Puntonews also provides full PR metrics and valuations.
Keep your eyes open for future products specifically designed for mobile platforms.

Puntonews is a product of our parent company, Eprensa Informacion SL, which provides high-end customized press tracking and consulting services to customers in Europe and South America.
Our corporate headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. Puntonews is a registered trademark in Spain.

A Bit of History
Puntonews.com´s parent company, Eprensa Informacion SL, was launched in 2001 by our 3 founding partners. In its infancy, Eprensa was focused 100% on serving the Spanish PR industry. In those days there were only 25 online newspapers in all of Spain (there are hundreds now), and most PR companies bought physical copies of the big newspapers and paid employees to search through them and cut out articles with scissors.
In 2003, Eprensa expanded beyond Spain into the Americas.
Now, in 2013, Eprensa tracks information from thousands of sources throughout the world: print, digital, social media, radio, television, and blogs.
Puntonews, launched in 2013, leverages this massive amount of information in an efficient and affordable way.

Why Puntonews.com
· The only real time print news search engine in Europe.
· Real time search engine of online news, blogs, and social media.
· Accurate valuations of articles for calculating the value of your PR activities.
· A free search service- you only pay for articles you download.
· No contract required- buy articles one at a time, or buy a package for lower pricing and more features.
· Tens of thousands of data sources.
· Puntonews respects intellectual property rights.